The Art of Year Of The Ladybug

I have been a horror fan all my life and I’ve always wanted to create a terrifying horror world of my own. Being an artist working in the game industry, it was natural for me to approach the project with a sketchbook first. A simple sketch became a painting, a page of story became six months worth of writing...the moment I thought I was done with everything, a new idea had me opening my sketchbook again. After so many sketchbooks and bottles of Bushmills, in late 2017 I finally put my foot down and told myself that I’m going to have my closure on the project by making an art book out of it. The Art of Year Of The Ladybug omits a few things but it holds large amount of visions I had for this world I created. With your love and support, it is my sincere belief that we can finish this book so that we are one step closer to the game. I had so much fun working on it, and I hope that you will love it as much as I do. 

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