Dave Kang

Having studied and worked for editorial / concept illustration I often draws from my traditional drawing and painting background for inspiration. I have worked on projects such as Tap Titans, Lego Universe, Avatar The Last Airbender, Beat The Boss, and Battle Run. I am a horror fan who never got to work on a horror game until now. Give me a whiskey, I am starving!  

Sean Lee

As a highly seasoned supply chain manager with thorough understanding of the complexity of logistics and broad knowledge of retail industry as well as corporate strategies, I am the founder of SL International and has worked for several multinational corporations such as Wal-mart, ConAgra Foods and Ralph Lauren.

Mint Mentis Studios & SL International

We truly believe the future belongs to those who have faith in the beauty of their dreams. This project started with our dreams to create a horror game that no one has ever played before and is the very result fueled by our passion and creativity. Though in infant stage of the development, we trust that this dream of ours has power to captivate audiences all around the globe. Join us introducing an unprecedented breed of game that will shock the world in fascinating horror.

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